Puppy Training

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Step 1: Location

Find a spot in your home to place your grass PetPad which can be easily accessed by your pet. Covered balconies and verandahs are ideal, however anywhere indoors that is exposed to a minimum of 1-2 hours of daily sunlight is also suitable.

Step 2: Unbox

Remove the lid and place it on the ground face down with the Nature's Loo logo on the side of the box facing towards you. Grab the cardboard tray with grass as shown, holding the double- walled cardboard sides, and gently slide into the inverted lid. There is no need to remove the grass from the cardboard tray. Your grass PetPad is now ready for use!

Step 3: Maintenance

To keep your grass in good health, lightly water 2-3 times a week using a fine mist spray bottle and remove your pet's solid waste when required.

Once your new grass arrives, simply dispose of the old grass in your compost or green bin, and throw away the old box in your recycling bin.