Natural Convenience For Dogs

Natural Convenience For Dogs

As a dog lover, there is nothing quite like seeing your little buddy look up with such pure tail-wagging excitement every time you take out the leash. like you’re about to embark on the greatest journey known to man and dogkind. 

Taking your dog for a walk is one of life’s underrated pleasures. However, there are those walks which we'd rather not speak of let alone think about.

I'm sure it's anything but exciting when it comes to your pet needing to get out of the house habitually to go to toilet, either to a yard or a nearby park.  can be a challenging routine, especially when you have an indoor dog and:

  • you live in an apartment or townhouse complex;
  • you are puppy training; 
  • you are time poor due to other work/life commitments;
  • you are either ill or mobility impaired; and/or
  • you have an older dog or one that is mobility impaired.

That dreaded scenario

There are also those cold and rainy winter nights, when you’re curled up on the couch or all warm and cosy in your bed. 

Then, seemingly right on cue, your dog starts barking or scratching at the door, pleading with you to take them outdoors so that they can do their undignified business. 

Do you take them outside? Of course you do. Because you’ve undoubtedly played out in your mind or experienced first-hand that dreaded scenario of discovering that your pet has soiled your living room carpet or your favourite rug… or worse! 

So you bite the bullet and take your dog out for a relief walk - dragged out into utter darkness, biting winter chill, and, if you’re exceptionally unlucky, unrelenting rain. 

Not only is it an unpleasant experience for you and your pet, but you also have to deal with the unavoidable aftermath of wet or muddy paws and shoes.

This all sounds over-dramatised but for many dog lovers it's an unfortunate reality.  

A fresh solution

Nature’s Loo Grass PetPads are a convenient solution for overcoming that dreaded scenario. 

Made from real grass that your dog will love, place the Grass PetPad on your balcony, al fresco area, laundry or living room - anywhere suitable where your pet has unrestricted access to their own personal greenspace to to go to the toilet independently. 

Subscribe today

By subscribing to Nature’s Loo, your dog can have a PetPad delivered fresh from the farm directly to your door on a weekly, fortnightly or 3-week basis.  

At the end of your weekly cycle, replace your used PetPad with your new one, dispose of the used grass in your compost or green bin, and throw the recyclable cardboard package in your yellow bin. It’s that simple.  

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