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What is Nature's Loo?

Nature's Loo is an all-natural solution to your dog's everyday toilet needs. Our Real Grass Dog Toilets are delivered in a recyclable cardboard box which you can simply open for ready use, and place anywhere in your home - indoors or on your covered balcony/verandah - where your dog can easily access.

How does it work?

Delivered fresh from our farm in Sydney directly to your door, our Real Grass Dog Toilet works as a convenient, easy access toilet for your dog, with the natural moisture absorbency and odour neutralising properties of real grass. The box it is delivered in also functions as the grass tray, for easy use and clean mess-free disposal.

Real Grass Dog Toilets are available for purchase exclusively through our website, in one-off or convenient subscription options.

How big is it?

Our Real Grass Dog Toilet is delivered in a recyclable cardboard box measuring:

Internal Dimensions: 548mm x 572mm x 81mm

External Dimensions: 576mm x 576mm x 90mm

Is it messy?

There is little to no mess caused by either everyday use or disposing of our Real Grass Dog Toilets.

The grass is hydroponically grown, with the minimal soil tightly held within the dense and fibrous root system.

Once your new grass subscription arrives, simply dispose of the old grass in your compost or green bin and throw the old box in your yellow recycle bin - no mess, no fuss.

Note also that the box is made with 100% compost grade cardboard.

Is there much maintenance required?

Very little maintenace is needed to keep your Real Grass Dog Toilet in good health. Simply remove your dog's solid waste when required and lightly water with a fine mist spray two to three times a week.

We recommend you give the grass as little as 2-3 hours of sunlight a day.

How often should I renew my grass?

Nature's Loo Real Grass Dog Toilet is available in weekly, fortnightly, three-week and four-week subscription options. How often you need to renew your grass will depend on various factors, including your dog's size and diet.

As a general guide:

For small dogs (under 6kgs)- we recommend a Real Grass Dog Toilet - Single on a two or three week subscription. For very small puppies a four week subscription may be adequate.

For medium dogs (6-12kgs)- we recommend a Real Grass Dog Toilet - Single on a one or two week subscription.

For large dogs (12kgs+)- we recommend a Real Grass Dog Toilet - Twin Pack on a one or two week subscription.

When is it delivered?

To ensure you receive the freshest possible grass, we have an order cut-off every Sunday midnight, with grass cut and packed to order the following Monday-Tuesday from our farm in Sydney's Hawkesbury Valley.

For Sydney Metro customers, your grass is delivered Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

For NSW regional and QLD, VIC and ACT customers, delivery duration will vary anywhere between 2-4 business days - with deliveries made generally between Wednesday and Friday.

Where do you deliver?

As we are based in Sydney, we deliver to NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT cities.

Unfortunately we cannot deliver to regional areas, as our grass is a perishable product that may not survive a lengthy transit duration.

We currently do not deliver to WA, NT, SA and TAS.

What happens if my grass arrives looking a bit brown or yellow?

Our all-natural grass is a perishable product, so we take every reasonable measure possible to make sure that our grass is delivered farm-fresh to our customers.

However, for our interstate and regional city customers, due to the time spent in transit (1-4 days) and hot weather conditions, the grass may occasionally arrive looking slightly brown or pale. But not to worry, with a bit of care, your grass will likely bounce back lush and green within a couple of days.

Simply open the box and give the grass plenty of air and sunlight; and give it ample water daily. Once the grass looks greener, cut back on watering it to every second day, or maintain daily watering if hot weather persists.

To promote new growth, you can also trim the grass with a pair of scissors - no more than 1/3 of the grass blade height.