Real Vs Fake Grass Showdown: What’s the Best Choice for Your Pup?

Real Vs Fake Grass Showdown: What’s the Best Choice for Your Pup?

The outdoors is a great way for your pup to discover the world – it’s an opportunity to play, roam and explore, meet new friends, and, most importantly, go potty. But while the outside is the ideal place to do their business, not all dogs have access to it, with some living in high rise residences, apartments and homes without a yard.

Fortunately, there are now options for pet pads that use real grass or fake turf that you can easily set up on your patio, balcony or any corner of your home so your pooch can go to the loo whenever they need it. But which type is best for your dog and your home? Here’s a guide to help you decide.

The pros of using real grass as potty pads

Potty training is easier.

Dogs instinctively want to do their business on real grass – they are drawn to the fresh scent and associate that smell with a place where they can go potty. This makes potty training a breeze, especially if you have a puppy. Your dog will also be able to associate it with going outdoors for a potty break, avoiding confusion when they need to relieve themselves indoors.

If you want your dog to get used to doing their business outside, introducing fake grass that smells like other synthetic materials inside the home can be confusing. Artificial turf is made of plastic and won’t smell like authentic grass.

Real grass controls odours naturally. 

Living grass absorbs liquids and offers odour neutralising properties, so very little maintenance is needed when using potty pads made of real grass. Just remove your dog’s solid waste when required, lightly use a fine mist spray 2 to 3 times a week and expose the grass to sunlight for 1 to 2 hours daily for optimum use.

On the other hand, artificial grass needs a bit more upkeep whenever your pooch goes for a potty break. After urinating, you will need to rinse down the spot to keep odour under control. It will need to be scrubbed regularly with some chemicals applied to ensure the smell is removed completely.

Real grass keeps cool, even in the summer.

The summer season can cause your dogs to overheat and prolonged exposure to increased temperatures can cause sunburn and burnt paws. That’s why it’s recommended to take your dogs for a walk during the early mornings or evenings and to choose grassy and shaded routes whenever possible.

Unlike real grass, artificial grass tends to get very hot quickly – sometimes double the heat of real grass – when exposed to the sun. On a balcony on warm days, pet pads made with fake grass can be dangerous for your pups especially when they need to go potty.

Real grass is environmentally friendly.

Grass can be composted and are biodegradable. Some potty pads, like the Nature’s Loo Real Grass Dog Toilets, are offered on subscription, so you can easily dispose of the old grass in your compost or green bin and throw the old box in your yellow recycle bin once a new box arrives. Easy peasy.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, can have negative environmental impact as it releases harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) during production. While the potty pads are reusable, they will still need to be replaced after a certain period, which leads to even more waste as the materials are hard to recycle. 

What about artificial grass?

Artificial grass is another option for a potty pad as it is durable and will not easily rip or be dug up. You also won’t need to worry about your dog eating the grass. However, as mentioned above, it will need to be cleaned often – most potty pads made with fake grass drain urine into a shallow pan underneath. This means you’ll need to be diligent in cleaning it to avoid unpleasant smells in your home. Your pooch might even refuse to do their business in fake grass if it gets too messy!

When it comes to your pup’s potty time, real grass is the clear winner. Apart from offering a sensory experience that artificial turf finds hard to replicate, it’s also the closest thing to a natural backyard that you can give your dog. This is perfect for apartment dwellers and those who don’t have access to a yard.

Your pup deserves the best when it comes to real grass potty pads. Nature’s Loo Real Grass Dog Toilets is your quick and easy solution. Our grass is hydroponically grown with minimal soil residue in the root system, with the soil neatly locked in between the grass leaf canopy and organic, biodegradable fibre underlay. That means there is little to no mess when used daily for your pooch’s bathroom breaks. Plus, with our new and improved packaging, it’s become even better at repelling water and is more durable to withstand delivery strains!

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